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What Homeowners Need to Know

June 15, 2017 | Fire Damage,Water Damage

What Homeowners Need to Know

If you have ever suffered fire or water damage, you may be wondering what to do about each disaster.  These are two very different types of damage, and each requires certain care from the team working on it.

This does not mean they are completely different; in fact, there are some similarities between the two jobs.  The main one, for a residence, is the containment and empathy necessary for homeowners who are very upset and feeling hopeless about their situation.  We at A Fine Shine do understand your situation and are going to do the best we can do to get your life back to normal as fast as possible.

That said, here are the differences you will see between fire and water damage.


The first step is to be safe.  Find and secure property that is vital and valuable.  From there, it is a matter of boarding up or protecting the damaged areas for restoration.  Those parts that can be packed up and removed for cleaning should be done so.  The restoration team can then start on cleaning, demolition, and restoration – all depending on the severity and depth of the damage.


Water loss is different because the water is often still there after the damage has passed.  This means cleaning the standing water up asap. Should the water have wicked away or dried, the drying equipment can be brought in.  Depending on the depth of damage (Category two or three – for another blog), carpet and padding may have to be removed to the subfloor.  Drywall, if effected, will have to come out as well.

Fire and water damage is obviously different, but there still remains the big similarity which exists – understanding the loss of the homeowner and showing honest empathy for their situation.  At no point should any of the damage be downplayed or treated as minor.  This does not help the homeowner in any way.

If you have fire or water damage; never attempt to work on the damage yourself. Always call a professional. Look for a reputable company, read the reviews, reach out to your friends. When you do decide on the company you’re going to use; always ask for references.

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