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What Is Involved In The Water Damage Restoration Process?

December 1, 2017 | Water Damage

What Is Involved In The Water Damage Restoration Process?

Water damage restoration can be a very meticulous and methodical process that has to be done properly. Taken care of the wrong way, all kinds of problems can arise. The first thing that comes to mind in regards to water damage and restoration is all the people that are recovering from the hurricanes. Not only that, but it seems to be flooding more often everywhere these days. Let’s take a look at the water damage restoration process so that you know more about what to expect if you have a situation on your hands.

First, you need to know who to call. There are certain steps you can take to handle a flood situation on your own while you wait for an emergency plumber and a restoration team to arrive, too. It really all depends on the situation because you have to think about the fact that sometimes no plumbing repairs need to be made. Flooding from hurricanes is one example.

There are also some really odd situations that can occur. For example, one day I woke up in my condo to the fire alarm going off and a sprinkler spraying water everywhere. There was such a large volume of water that it made its way from the hallway into individual units. After the water was turned off, cleanup ensued. It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, but it was bad enough.

That situation was the only time I have ever seen a water damage restoration team at work. The maintenance people and housekeepers that worked at the resort helped clean up the water while the restoration team got there a little while later. They finished the cleanup and ran tests for mold and all of that. It was a rather simple process in my example, but other situations can really be difficult and can cause major issues if not addressed appropriately.

Upon arrival, the restoration team is going to first do an assessment of the damage. If any water still needs to be removed, that is going to have to be done immediately, the assessment continuing afterward, too. The next step is to dry out the property. In my case, they used large fans to do this. As you can imagine, this part of the process can take time. That is one reason why people can be displaced for long periods of time after flooding occurs.

After the area is dried out, it must be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. Then and only then can the rest of the restoration process be done. What needs to happen will depend on the damage that has been caused. Damage cannot be fully assessed until all the above has taken place. It is a costly process, and furnishings can sometimes even need to be removed. The first step, remember, in the event of a water damage situation, is to know which restoration team in your area to call right away.  It won’t be difficult to pick a reliable water damage company who can act quickly in emergency situations.

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