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Mold Removal In Cartersville: Types of Mold and How to Get Rid of It

May 28, 2021 | Mold Damage

Mold Removal In Cartersville

Mold growth requires moisture and starts when tiny spores land on a surface that is wet or has water. They start as mold spores that multiply by reproducing themselves in large quantities and they’re also invisible to the naked human eye. Mold infestation can produce toxic substances such as mycotoxins which can cause health problems. Mold also produces allergens which are the substances responsible for allergic reactions and responses such as runny nose, sneezing, skin rash, and red or watery eyes.

In most cases, mold can spread widely to the extent that it becomes very difficult for an average homeowner to get rid of it by themselves. A Professional company for mold removal in Cartersville has the necessary tools and experience to conduct a mold inspection service and immediately eliminate all mold growths in your home. Contact a reputable mold removal service provider if your spot molds to avoid incurring a huge cost at a later date.

One incident of water damage such as a pipe burst can lead to mold growth under flooring or inside the walls in your house or property. Professional mold removal in Cartersville, GA with great customer service will be able to do mold testing services to determine the affected location and conduct successful remediation.  It is important to understand a little knowledge about the types of mold because some of them can be very toxic and dangerous. If you spot mold growing in your property or house, it is wise to contact a professional mold removal services provider. Some of the few types of mold include:


Acremonium mold looks like a fine powdery substance that is white, orange, pink or grey. If your household system such as a water heater has not been cleaned for a while it could be an affected area covered by this type of mold growth because they’re common in home systems. Other areas that are likely to be affected by Acremonium mold include window sealants, cooling coils, condensation from humidifiers, and cooling coils. When you’re exposed to Acremonium mold, you can get a disease to your bone marrow or immune system. It can also impair the functions of your brain. It can grow with other mold types such as Stachybotrys and this causes an even more dangerous mold problem.


Alternaria is considered as one of the most common types of mold that affects homeowners. It is very common in bathtubs, showers, and sinks which means it’s a result of water damage or plumbing leaks. It is known for its velvety texture hairs that are either brown or dark green. Alternaria can lead to asthma-like symptoms and it spreads very quickly which is why it requires a quick response time and you should contact professional mold removal in Cartersville, GA for immediate assistance in conducting the mold remediation process.


Mucormycetes or simply Mucor will initially appear as puffs with long hairs that are fuzzy white or light grayish before turning to deeper gray when they mature. Mucor grows in abundance on decaying vegetables and fruits. It can also grow in plants and soil. Health symptoms that might occur as a result of exposure to mucormycetes include fever, malaise, difficulty breathing, asthmatic symptoms, and can also worsen existing asthma conditions. Seek mold remediation services if you see Mucormycetes mold growing in your house or property. 


Aspergillus molds are long spores that are flask-shaped and form thick mold layers. Aspergillus mold comes in over 185 species which is why it appears in numerous colors. It can lead to symptoms like respiratory inflammation, lung infections, and asthma attacks. There are specific types of aspergillus that produce a deadly carcinogen called aflatoxins.  If you suspect your house has aspergillus or any other mold infestation, act in a timely manner and contact a reputable company or business for mold removal in Cartersville.


Aureobasidium mold can grow behind wooden or painted surfaces, and wallpaper. It develops in brown, black, or pink and it turns into darker brown when it matures. Aureobasidium health risks include infections of the skin, nails, and eyes. You should also avoid touching it with your bare hands because it can cause a skin rash. Contact a reliable expert on mold removal in Cartersville if you see this type of mold in your house or property.

Mold Infestation

It can be very difficult to fully determine if your property is free from patches of mold growth because it can go beneath the surface of a material. Mildew on the other hand only grows on the material’s surface and you can confuse it with dirt. The services of Mildew removal in Cartersville GA 30120 involve a thorough cleaning of the surfaces. Most people confuse mold with mildew. The tell-tale signs of mold growth include:

Visible Mold Growths

It is the easiest type of mold to spot. The additional hidden mold is also likely to be in the affected area.

Musty Odor

A Musty smell is an indicator of hidden mold and you should contact a professional mold removal for immediate assistance and services. This is because mildew also produces similar odors in damp areas such as the basements.

Flood History

Even if you’re not seeing evidence of mold in your house after the floods or heavy rains, such an environment will most likely harbor mold growth and you should contact a mold remediation company.

New Or Worse Respiratory Systems Or Allergic Reactions

Increased Asthma attacks, throat irritation, and coughing might be a sign of mold growths especially in people with respiratory illnesses and allergies.

Chronic Health Issues

Some of the symptoms associated with a mold issue include nosebleeds, headaches, rashes, and chronic fatigue.

How To Get Rid Of The Mold Growth/Mold Remediation Methods

There are many methods of mold removal in Cartersville, GA. The most appropriate option will depend on the type of mold growth, the extent of the spread, and the surface affected. Personal protective gear for mold removal remediation includes long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, at least an N-95 rated mask, protective eyewear and gloves, and waterproof boots. How do you get rid of mold from different surfaces?

From Wood

Vacuum up the wood area affected by the mold or use air scrubbers to suck up loose mold spores. Next, use water and soap to scrub the area. If the wood has no painting or is not treated, you can use bleach. Soak up any visible moisture. You might need sanding out which will affect its finishing because more mold can hide deep in the wood pores.

From Walls

You’ll use a heavy-duty sponge and water/bleach solution to scrub off the mold from your walls. For stubborn mold patches, you might need to leave your solution for a few minutes to soak. Mold growth in any interior wall of your house might be a sign of water damage or plumbing problem. You should first seek water damage restoration services because mold will still grow even after scrubbing your wall.

In the Bathroom And Shower

Lack of bathroom ventilation or water damage leakages is the primary reason for mold growth in the showers and bathrooms. You can use baking soda, white vinegar, commercial cleaning products like Mildewcide, water, and bleach solution, or water and plain soap. To prevent mold in your bathroom space, open windows, and run a fan when you’re taking a bath or shower. Fix any leaks, wipe water from the surfaces, and scrub off any visible mold and dry the area to avoid its spreading.

In The Kitchen

Scrub the kitchen surfaces with any of the solutions we’ve mentioned above for the mold remediation process. You might also have to replace wooden cabinets. Always make sure you have fixed leaky faucets and your dishes and tableware are dry before storage.

In The Basement

The nature of the basement makes it possible for the mold to grow in it more frequently. It is more humid and poorly ventilated than other ground levels. Mold remediation in this area will require you to use a large brush and you might also need to replace your drywall or ceiling tiles. If it has a carpet, clean it and move it outside to dry in the sun, if it’s carpet is affixed, get rid of the moisture using high-powered fans.

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Proper cleaning after removing the mold problem is crucial to prevent mold from re-emerging again. Most importantly, professional specialists in mold remover can do a great job in getting rid of the mold contamination in the most effective way possible. They will use quality tools to carry out the mold testing service to determine all areas affected by mold and do the whole process of mold remediation. Their great team of experts will use effective mold remediation methods to ensure your property is free of mold spores and even enable you to discover plumbing problems that you never knew existed.

It is highly recommended that you contact a reputable business in mold removal in Cartersville at the earliest sign of mold in your property to avoid a huge cost in the for efficient services. 

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