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Fire Damage Restoration Steps for Restoring the Property in Dallas

July 13, 2021 | Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas

Fire damage restoration is the re-making of a property to its pre-loss condition after a fire or smoke damage. Fire damage repair and smoke restoration can last weeks or months after disaster strikes.

Unlike water damage restoration services that involve mold removal and mitigation against mold growth (can take a couple of days), fire damage repairs and smoke damage restoration services can take several weeks, months, or even years.

The fire and smoke restoration process involves several activities like demolition and reconstruction of an entire house (or commercial property) or part of it, smoke damage cleanup, biohazard cleanup, and odor removal amongst others.

Fire, smoke, and water damage occur simultaneously thus the need for comprehensive emergency restoration services. For instance, fire damage occurs when the fire engulfs a home or commercial building. The extinguished fire only happens when the property is sprayed with water upon the arrival of the fire department team.

In addition, water pipes may melt or burst during the fire leading to water leaks and additional damage. Water extraction and mold remediation services will be critical to avoid more damage especially if storm damage is also involved.

fire restoration services

You will need a trusted team and restoration company that can work closely with your insurance company to do a good job on the entire process. Rapid Restoration is a certified and experienced contractor on emergency services, water, and fire damage restoration in Dallas, Tx.

There are fire damage restoration guidelines as per the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IIRC). So, let’s take a look at the steps for fire damage restoration in Dallas, TX.

Any restoration company must first seek approval from licensing authority before evaluating properties damaged in the fire. This process is for validation purposes to ensure only a qualified team enters the damaged area and the place is risk-free and safe for the contractors. Safety is a top priority in damage restoration services. Fire damage restoration steps include:

1. Damage Assessment

This follows confirmation of the safety of the property for a thorough assessment of damage sustained by the structure after fire and water spraying. Fire and smoke impact on the property’s structure (including air ducts) is evaluated to determine the scope of work and cost estimation on fire damage repair. The assessment also marks the items that should be discarded or restored after the fire and smoke damage.

2. Securing the damaged property & debris removal

The property is fenced and structural openings are boarded up. The roof is sealed to protect the remaining structure from the weather. Unaffected areas by fire or water are sealed off to prevent contamination during the damage restoration process.

3. Water Mitigation & Demolition

This stage strives to limit mold damage or storm damage by drying the property. All movable fittings and materials are removed from the property or house to allow the water extraction and the drying team to use special equipment to dry the structure. The roof structures are also secured to prevent further water intrusion into the house or building.

4. Smoke damage restoration

Fire smoke damage repairs are the next clean-up stage. This involves the physical removal of smoke and soot on every inch of the affected surfaces. Deodorizing agents are then applied for effective smoke odor removal and deep sanitation conducted for mold remediation. Professional fire and smoke damage restoration services also include air duct cleaning to remove soot and debris in the air ducts. This marks the end of the smoke damage restoration process.

5. Construction and Final Restoration

Construction is the final step of the fire damage restoration process. The reinstatement of the building to its pre-loss condition may involve the replacement of some parts of the building like electrical fittings, repainting walls, floor renovations, roof replacements or adjustments, furnishing, and other retrofitting to fully bring back the property to its initial glory.

professional fire removal services

A professional fire, water, or comprehensive restoration company is critical in this endeavor to ensure your property gains its pre-loss condition back.

The job of a restoration company is to provide complimentary services to the disaster management team. At Rapid Restoration, we pride ourselves in the experience and expertise given our wide range of equipment handling and services in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. We offer emergency services, water damage, storm damage, fire and mold remediation services in the larger North Texas area.

From the assessment stage to final fire restoration, companies offering damage restoration services work with your insurance company to help you with claims. But choosing a fire damage restoration company can be a headache and an awful experience without due diligence.

Checklist for Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

  • The contractor must be licensed and insured to undertake the services being offered.
  • The contractor should have experience in comprehensive restoration services. This includes fire and smoke damage restoration, water, and mold restorations.
  • Successful working experience with insurance companies on damage claims processing and payments. This will help you know your preferred contractor can comfortably work with your insurance company to restore your business or property to pre-loss condition.
  • Working experience in a multi-agency environment that involves collaboration with several parties, especially in complex projects.
  • Vast experience in parallel installation and demolition services. This gauges your preferred contractor’s expertise in partial and full restoration services.


Choosing your restoration service contractor is a big decision because it’s about your valuable property. It is a complex project management endeavor that involves wide knowledge and services like construction, electrical installation, mechanical installations, and insurance claims management amongst others. Any decision made by you will be reflected on the final product and state of your property after fire restoration.

For any kitchen fire or ot

her fire damage restoration needs in Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas, the Rapid Restoration team is on standby to help you with this big decision. As an IICRC certified firm, we directly work with your insurance company to bring back the glory of your property. We value you and your property, so allow us to give it our glorious touch, experience, and expertise, for the sake of your peace of mind.

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