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A Step-By-Step Guide To Storm Damage Restoration In Hiram

August 26, 2021 | storm damage

Anyone who’s experienced the misfortune of storm damage knows how overwhelming the aftermath can be. So many things may be running on your mind from your home’s safety to the repairs to compensation. Knowing what to do right after water damage can mean the difference between saving your home and cost repairs or replacements.

When there’s flood damage, most people turn to water damage professionals for help. Restoration services have the experience and tools to perform water fire restoration, mold clean up and more. Here, we show you the typical damage restoration steps to follow in the aftermath of water damage.

Storm Damage Restoration In Hiram

Hiram residents are not strangers to severe weather. Hail and wind storms strike the area almost every year, resulting in significant damage. Some homeowners are unaware of the storm damage restoration process or what to do about the developing mold. It doesn’t help that restoration companies are keen to cash in on emergency situations rather than tell locals what to do. So, people find themselves in a dilemma. Before you call damage restoration services and sign a contract for water fire disaster repairs or file insurance claims, or swipe your credit cards to make a down payment, here’s what you should know.

Step 1: Verify The Damage With A Trusted Contractor

Start by verifying the extent of storm damage in your home before undertaking restorations. You’ll want to look at some major signs. If you notice one or more of these, it’s likely you will need to contact restorative services in Hiram GA:

  • Water stains on walls, ceiling, and exterior siding
  • Cracked, broken, or missing shingles
  • Light cracks peeking through the roof
  • High energy bills

It’s better to contact a professional to assess the damage during business hours. Top-tier contractors are experts in storm and hail damage repair and know how to spot the signs of storm damage or any significant structural problem. We highly recommend that you contact a professional roofer for a free inspection. They can quickly verify the extent of the damage and do an excellent job with the restoration.

Step 2: File Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim is perhaps one of the incredibly important steps when performing wind or water damage repairs or mold removal in Hiram. Your homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage against various types of hazards. And lightens the burden of hiring specialists from commercial restoration services. Whether your policy covers the real cost value of the replacement value, financial support from your insurance provider can help take the sting in the aftermath of a wind, water, or fire disaster.

Step 3: Ensure The Insurer Gets Notified Of Your Claim

It usually takes some days to file an insurance claim and get approved. However, due to the higher number of applications after storm damage, it may take the insurance provider several weeks to approve your claim. Make sure that things are running smoothly after filing your claim. You can contact your insurer to ensure they got a notification of your claim. By doing so, you can keep restoration on track after water damage in Hiram GA.

Step 4: Ask Your Contractor Meet Your Adjuster

Your insurance company will send out an adjuster to assess the damage to your home or business premises. It’s wise to notify your water damage restoration company so they can meet up with the adjuster on your property. Your contractor might voice any concerns that you have with the adjuster’s findings. Then, the two parties will conduct their own inspections and document the damage in your Hiram home.

After giving you a walkthrough, your damage restoration contractor and the adjuster will provide you with the estimates of the repair costs. To increase the chance of a successful claim settlement, you need to ensure that your claim is detailed. The contractor should document every issue or problem they spot. It’s also smart to have a set of photos and documentation before the storm as well.

Step 5: Do Not Agree to a Partial Settlement

You have invested in your home, and so you want the best care possible. Unfortunately, your insurer might try to reduce the amount of compensation they pay you so they can save money. If you think the settlement from your adjuster is inadequate or too low, don’t accept it. You are not obliged to accept the first settlement offer from your insurance provider in Hiram GA. Instead, have your contractor on-site at the time of the inspection. You can leverage their findings to justify a higher settlement. It’s also good to consider hiring an unbiased third party like a public claims adjuster. Such a person can provide you with a higher and fairer estimate for your mold clean-up and home repairs.

Step 6: Ensure All Damage Is Addressed And Paid For

Work with your water damage restoration company and the adjuster to ensure all storm damage in your home or business is covered in the claim. If their findings show that some of the damage isn’t storm-related, then you can’t expect your insurer to cover the damage. Maybe your siding is warped due to old age or the gutters have deteriorated on their own. In either case, you have to decide whether you’ll pay the restoration specialists out of pocket to fix the damage. If the contractor can’t provide extra repairs or emergency service, you may have to find another damage restoration contractor near you, who can.

Step 7: Restore Your Property

Once you file the insurance claim in Georgia, you can now focus on cleanup and storm damage restoration around your home. Restorations may be comprehensive and drastic depending on the level of damage to your property.
Your contractor might have to remove damaged parts such as wood sheathing, underlayment, fascia, and gutters. In some instances, you may have to get new roofing materials to fully restore the room. Your contractor will discuss the scope of the water damage restoration with you in advance.

Before restoration work starts, the local restoration team in Atlanta will implement protective measures to secure your property. They may hang tarps around your home to catch falling debris or use large trailers to discard old roofing materials. With the appropriate safety measures in place at your Hiram home or commercial premises, the emergency restoration can now commence.

Your residential contractor should now get down to work fast and efficiently, ensuring the highest level of care and quality outcomes. Their handymen will work diligently to remove the roof, replace underlayment and patch it all back up. Your local contractor should use the best roofing practices to ensure no details are ignored.

Step 8: Final Restoration Cleanup

After wrapping up your storm damage restoration in Hiram GA, restoration companies usually prioritize cleaning tasks. Their service team will walk around your property, remove debris and hidden hazards like nails, and discard them safely in the dumpster. Your damage restoration contractor will vacate your home or business premises once you’re satisfied with their work. Your restored property now looks as good as new and is ready to face the next hailstorm in Hiram GA.

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