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How to Clean Your Floor after Basement Flood Damage Hiram, GA

November 25, 2021 | Flood

Tips to Clean Your Floor after Basement Flood Damage in Hiram, GA

As any homeowner is aware, flooding or standing water of any type can negatively impact the home area in which it has invaded. Whether you are experiencing flooding from broken pipes or frozen pipes, a sewer system backup, sink overflow, severe weather, or any other situation, the water has the potential to be devastating to your home. If the flooding has occurred in the basement of your home, it can also impact the very foundation on which your home is built.

At Rapid Restoration in Hiram, Georgia, our water damage restoration team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for residential and commercial flooding victims. Whether a residential home or commercial property, our certified professionals in the Hiram area are here to help.

Our service professionals at Rapid Restoration excel at water removal, sewage cleanup (from a sewer or toilet overflow), mold remediation, and water restoration. If your basement (or any other area of your home) has flooded, contact our restoration specialists for free estimates on the water extraction and water cleanup.

Why Does a Basement Flood Need Special Cleaning?

The basement of any residential home provides the critical foundation for the rest of the house. If a basement has sustained serious flooding, damage can quickly begin. When a basement needs sewage cleanup or water damage repair, problems may arise if and when the homeowner attempts to complete the whole process independently.

When standing water is permitted to remain puddled, it can cause serious problems to the home. Water can seep into the flooring and begin to warp it, rot it, or form mold. For wood floors, this could mean that you will have to remove all of the rotted wood and replace the flooring. Carpeting and rugs will need to be removed and discarded. Even cement flooring can develop cracks or be weakened by floodwaters if the water remains in place long enough.

Another serious problem that can develop just about anywhere there is standing water (or even moisture) is mold growth. Mold can have serious consequences on the health and well-being of you and your family. Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions can develop or worsen when mold is present in the home. Likewise, mold can severely damage the structure of your home.

When in doubt, homeowners with broken pipes or flooding should consider calling professional restoration services providers with experience resolving water damage issues and water removal. In certain circumstances, such as a sewer backup, sewer damage restoration professionals must be called to handle potentially hazardous waste.

Should a Water Damage Restoration Company Be Called to Handle Sewage Cleanup?

In short, yes! Any time there is the potential for hazardous waste or biological materials to be mixed into the water flooding your basement, you must call the professionals. Sewage damage not only affects your basement in the way that other flooding does. It can be especially dangerous to your health because of the contents of the sewage. Depending on your coverage, your insurance company may help cover the expenses of professional sewage and water removal.

Can I Get Help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency?

Suppose your home has sustained severe damage due to flooding for any reason, and your policy through your insurance company does not provide flood insurance. In that case, you have other resources available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA. As a homeowner or property owner, you can apply for a FEMA grant to help you pay for the repair and restoration services you need to return your home to pre-flood condition.

How to Clean a Flooded Basement Floor

How you clean your flooded basement floor largely depends on the type of flooring you have. Tile and concrete floors can be cleaned differently than wood floors or carpet. Regardless of the flooring type, the first step in the process is water removal. It is essential to remove as much standing water as possible using towels, a sump pump, and/or a wet-dry vacuum. Homes with a drain in the floor can utilize the drain and a squeegee to get rid of water.

Suppose the flooring is excessive, contains sewage, or has the potential for shock danger/electrocution because of electrical outlets. In that case, it is advisable to call restoration service professionals rather than attempt the process on your own. At Rapid Restoration, we are here to help with any type of water or sewage damage in your basement, no matter the circumstances.

The type of flooring in your home will largely determine the way you can clean it. You can use dehumidifiers and fans for concrete or tile floors to speed up the drying process because they will not shrink when dried too quickly like wood flooring does. If the weather permits, you can also open windows and doors to naturally dry the floors. Once they are completely dry, you can use an all-purpose cleaner with bleach to thoroughly clean the tile or concrete and prevent bacteria from growing.

In the case of carpeted floors, partially wet carpets can be dried by using towels to sop up excess water and changing them out when needed. You can then use a steam cleaner for disinfection and the HVAC system in your home for drying. Carpeting that is thoroughly saturated (including padding or subfloor) will likely need the assistance of a professional to determine how to proceed with the cleanup.

Wood flooring is probably the most difficult because the drying and cleaning process will depend on the type of wood used for the flooring, the subfloor materials, and the amount of humidity in the air. Attempting to dry wooden floors too quickly can result in warping, so it must be done carefully. Major saturations can lead to mold growth very rapidly, and professionals should handle serious flooding situations.

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At Rapid Restoration in Hiram, Georgia, we are happy to provide service to residents whose basements have been affected by floods. Our team will provide free estimates for the water removal process and flood damage restoration. Water damage repairs and removal are generally better left to the professionals to prevent water from causing more severe issues throughout your home.

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