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What to Expect From Mold Damage Restoration in Cartersville, GA

January 27, 2022 | Mold Remediation

Mold damage can be disastrous without the proper restoration process. But not every mold restoration agency can handle your mold removal process.

So, how do you know if the mold damage restoration in Cartersville, GA process is on the right track?

This simple guide will take you through what to expect when a mold remediation company arrives in your home.

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Before the Mold Remediation Team Arrives in Cartersville, GA

Move as much furniture and other non-mold-affected items as possible before the mold remediation company arrives.

The cleanup area must be cleared for the mold remediation and removal company to work. So, you must conduct some preparation work before the mold cleanup firm arrives.

To make this easy:

  • Put house pets in a separate room before the company arrives.
  • Ensure to move automobiles from the driveway or garage
  • Clear a broad access area from the outside to the mold area.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the entire mold cleanup process and the mold damage restoration in Cartersville, GA, reach out to our professional mold removal and mold cleanup team today.

We would be pleased to answer questions and quickly move to conduct the restoration process in Cartersville, GA.

The Entire Process of Getting Ready

The mold removal business will park a truck as close to the doorway as feasible, set down plastic sheeting, and send hoses to the mold location through the home. They will ensure to conduct the mold removal on time to help ensure your health.

These restoration services know that they must do mold removal, work with your insurance company, and take other critical actions to help you get your property back to normal. You want to work with a team with restoration certification and one that is extremely professional.

Suppose the mold is accessible from the outside, such as a crawlspace. In that case, the business can access the area without entering your home.

While working on your home, most mold remediation businesses will try to keep it clean. At the very least, they will tidy up after themselves after each workday.

Process of Tackling the Toxic Mold in The Right Attire

Mold remediation workers dress in the right clothes to tackle the toxic mold. These mold cleanup company professionals will ensure to have the attire present below.

  • Full white suits
  • Boots
  • Respirators
  • Goggles

They dress up just like they would for any potentially dangerous activity like removing lead-based paint or asbestos. This does not always imply that the mold in your house is dangerous. It’s a safe procedure for mold remediation to assume the mold damage is harmful, even if it isn’t.

Items to be Removed

At this point, any items that can be affected are discarded. That is because furniture and items already affected by the mold damage can re-infect the restored area. So, it is only safe to discard these objects rather than clean them or fix them.

Aspects like:

  • Drywall
  • Plaster
  • Carpeting
  • Fabric-covered furniture
  • Clothing

As you can see, after doing mold testing, the firm will have to be very thorough when participating in a water restoration or other restoration situation. If they are an industry leader within the restoration industry, they will know that immediate assistance is necessary and that doing a fantastic job means to solve the problem for good.

The Removal

Items removed from the remediation area are wrapped snugly in airtight, thick plastic bags. And to remove any mold, the bags are wiped down. Moldy items are to be discarded according to local rules and restrictions. To avoid future recurrence of a situation like this, proper care must be taken.

The Solution

The first stage in this two-part procedure is to spray biocide or similar products on the mold. Biocide is a mold-killing solvent approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Some firms use bleach as the spray. But this is potentially dangerous; the EPA has not certified bleach as a mold-killing agent.

This first stage should often take less time than the second.

Waiting Time

The biocide begins to operate after the employees have left, destroying the mold spores. It takes time for the biocide to kill the mold and dry. Therefore, our experts will make sure to follow the required procedure time.


Encapsulation is done with paint or whitewash. To do this, the surface must be completely dry before proceeding.

The employees will apply paint or whitewash to the area to cover or encapsulate any leftover mold spores. Our mold treatment agency would spray well beyond the contaminated region to ensure no further mold grows.

For example, even if only a small portion of an attic has mold, our experts will spray the entire attic.

Verify the Success to Prevent Further Damage

The absence of mold and mold odor means mold remediation is effective. Active mold can grow anew if it is left under enclosed sections. So, it is critical to destroy all mold before painting or whitewashing.

To do that, specialists set up mold containment and erect isolation barriers to ensure that mold contamination does not spread.

Identify the source of the mold

It is safe for the residents to return to the area once the surfaces have dried. After the mold remediation process is completed, the source of the mold should be addressed:

  • Roof leaks
  • Humidity from the bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Leaking gutters
  • Drain pipes

Home or business residents should be aware of the cause of mold. We will ensure that our clients know the source of mold for safety.

Mold Growth? Reach out to the Rapid Restoration Today

It is always safe that you monitor the activities of mold restoration agencies. Well, at least to the best of your ability. This simple guide contains a proper mold removal and restoration process. Mold remediation uses methods that help the mold removal process.

If you notice any mold damage in your building, contact us to help you. We have the right specialists to help with your mold restoration process.

Our team has dealt with standing water, excess water, attic mold, fire damage restoration situations, water leak scenarios, and more. We pride ourselves on being an honest company and providing great customer service to each client we work with.

If you are looking for help from a great company, reach out to our firm at the Rapid Restoration today. We continue to use cutting-edge technology to ensure that we offer an excellent service.

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