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Everything You Need to Know About Storm Damage Restoration

April 20, 2022 | storm damage

Storm Damage Restoration

Weather conditions are constantly changing today and can cause terrible damage in the blink of an eye. Severe storms wreak havoc on your property, completely devastating your lifestyle and your family.

A severe storm can damage your roof, tear off shingles and dislodge gutters from their attachment. Storms can also damage your home’s exterior, shattering windows and leaving punctures on your walls from wind-blown debris. Additionally, its storm damage restoration can be challenging to deal with.

If your home recently suffered from a destructive storm with hailstones and strong winds, it’s wise to have a disaster restoration professional conduct a full inspection on your property. However, having the right knowledge will make the transition quicker and smooth as you prepare for the next storm.

Here’s everything that every homeowner should know about storm damage restoration.

Inspecting Areas with Structural Damages

In a severe storm, the potential damage to your home can vary depending on different factors. The storm’s proximity to your property, the structure’s age, engineering, construction quality, and materials used.

To prevent mold, leaks, and water damage, you’ll need to identify any structural damages, make emergency repairs and start planning for a complete storm damage restoration. Your homeowners’ insurance will cover most repairs, but you’ll need to file your claim within the stipulated time.

After a storm, you should inspect your house to understand the amount of damage done. However, you should avoid entering rooms with an unstable roof and cracks on the floor during the initial inspection.

Water Extraction

After a storm, water removal can be a daunting task as you’ll be dealing with flooding, broken pipes, and other serious issues. You have limited time to assess the water damage and start the necessary repairs to avoid mold growth. Water damage can also result in several structural problems and safety hazards.

Before starting the water damage restoration process, your priority will be identifying broken pipes and stopping any leaks in your house. Once you’ve prevented the leaking from causing more damage, you can contact a water damage restoration company to start the repair process.

When assessing the water damage, ensure you switch off the power and protect your valuables. You should also call your insurance to send an adjuster to evaluate the damage and determine whether the water damage is a covered loss. Note that not all homeowners’ insurance will cover flood damage.

Homeowners who choose to start the water extraction process on their own can use plastic tubs and buckets to do it. You might be tempted to use vacuum cleaners to remove any standing water, but normal vacuums aren’t equipped to clean up floods. Forcing this strategy could lead to machine damage and electrocution.

Moving Heavy Objects

When handling water damage restoration and other repair works after a storm, most homeowners are tempted to move their properties to a more secure place. Moving around heavy properties like furniture may provide adequate space for you to access more places in your property, but that may cause more structural damage. Additionally, such belongings need to be treated by a professional before you start using them again.

Controlling Pests and Snakes

Snakes, rats, and other unwanted pests often get displaced after a storm or flood. Many animals start seeking food and shelter near residential properties, including inside storage sheds, homes, barns, and other buildings.

Damaged buildings are highly likely to attract these animals due to the many entrance points available. You can find snakes and rodents hiding under the debris scattered around the storm, so you must be cautious during the restoration process.

Avoid placing your fingers under debris without gloves when handling the restoration process yourself. It’s also wise to wear snake boots and seek immediate medical help in case of a snake bite.

Call a Certified Restoration Professional

While most people choose to start the restoration work themselves, the work might be too much for your family to handle. However, you need to eliminate the waste, debris, and chemical-dominated water in your house to prevent more damage.

To handle the water damage cleanup and other repairs in Woodstock, GA, you need to hire restoration service professionals to assist you after a storm. Our professional team has restoration certification and lots of experience handling disaster damage restoration of businesses and residential properties.

Why Call Our Disaster Restoration Service Professionals?

Woodstock, GA, is plagued by severe weather, thunderstorm, and a few storms every year. Homeowners must understand how to deal with the aftermath, especially if their home suffers damage from flooding, lightning, flying debris, wind, and hail storms.

Residents in Woodstock, GA, hire us to restore their business and residential properties after water damage or wind damage during severe weather.

Accurate Damage Assessment

While doing the water damage cleanup and restoration might seem affordable, assessing the damage might be difficult. Our professional disaster restoration team will inspect your property and give you an accurate damage estimate before starting the project.

Fast Response

In case of water damage, you’ll need to start the restoration process as soon as possible to avoid mold growth and other structural damages. Our team will respond quickly to your emergency and efficiently start the water removal and repair process immediately after assessing the damage.


Depending on the damage, you might want to call in a professional in Woodstock, GA, before touching anything. Jumping the gun to start the water damage restoration and other repair works could increase the damage and compromise your family’s safety. Fortunately, our team uses the right equipment to assess and restore the affected areas for proper safety professionally.

Professional Knowledge

Our experts have many years of experience in water damage restoration, and they know what to do when handling a specific project or situation. As our customer, we’ll give you insights on where to start the restoration and how to go about your insurance claim before beginning cleanup.

Need professional storm damage restoration in Woodstock, GA?

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