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Water Damages: Reasons to Repair ASAP & Effects of Leaks

October 25, 2022 | Blog,Water Damage

Global warming has increased extreme and frequent weather events worldwide. Scientists have long warned us about this global disaster, and now, we’re witnessing how serious these concerns are. 

And for this case, homeowners must prepare and protect their homes against floods’ devastating effects. 

Whether your home has a leaking pipe or a flooded basement, you must have it fixed immediately; even minor leaks can wreak havoc in your home. Water can quickly damage your home, and you’d be surprised to see the massive damage it can cause within the first 24 hours. Here are reasons to repair water damage ASAP, their effects over time, and what to do when you encounter a leak. 

3 Reasons to Repair Water Damage ASAP

Immediately attacking the problem is especially applicable when dealing with damages. It can protect your household while saving money from costly replacements and repairs. Here are three reasons to repair your home’s water damage ASAP.

1. Reduce Health Concerns

Mold and mildew thrive in moist areas. Not immediately repairing water damage in your home can lead to mold growth. These organisms pose serious health risks, especially if you have a sensitive respiratory system.

Prolonged exposure to contaminated water can also cause severe illness, especially when someone drinks it. Urgent water damage repair and the correct drying processes can prevent mold growth and protect your household’s health.

2. Save More Money

Urgently repairing the water damage can help mitigate the damage and save more money. Neglecting water damage repair services will cost you more money than the restoration process. 

However, a timely water damage repair allows you to save quickly essential items, such as furniture, paperwork, and electronics, that can be costly to replace. 

At the same time, urgent water damage repairs can help keep your home’s property value and eliminate other unnecessary future repairs and replacements.

3. Immediately Address Safety Concerns

At the same time, urgent water damage repairs can immediately address safety concerns. Besides posing health risks from mold and people slipping and sliding over wet floors, water damage can also cause electrocution.

Water doesn’t conduct electricity, so any contact with electricity can shock anyone in the wet areas and cause severe injury or death, especially if the water damage is near a swimming pool. 

Effects of Water Damage Over Time

Water damage can quickly ruin your home, and even the most minor leaks can bring significant destruction. Let’s discuss the effects of water damage over time. 

After One Day

Water damage can ruin your home, depending on the leak’s origins. Regular leaks from the floor or walls can spread and damage your floor or walls and wet your furniture and personal belongings. 

And if the leak originates from your roof, it can further damage your home’s structure and risk the ceiling crashing and falling on you. 

A Week

More water damage can occur within a week of neglecting water damage repair services. At this point, there is already mold growth, metal would be rusting, and it can damage wooden structures. Ultimately, you cannot live in that place. 

However, you can still reverse the damage. 

More Than a Week

Overall, neglecting the damage for more than a week is horrifying, and you may no longer have a suitable home. At this point, the damage will multiply, and it needs more cleaning and repair if you can still salvage anything. 

What Can I Do

Water damage can be fatal for your home; the longer you wait, the more mess you’ll need to clean. If the leak originates from the shower, sink, or toilet, call water damage repair services now. 

And while waiting for water damage repair services, you can put a bucket underneath the source to collect all the water for later disposal. You can also use a wet vacuum to suck all the water on the floor to reduce the damage if the leak source is unknown.

You can also handle the damage yourself if it’s a minor leak. But we still recommend consulting water damage repair services because it can be a warning sign of further destruction.

Sealing Away the Damage

Even the most minor leaks can wreak havoc on your home. Immediately addressing the situation by contacting water damage repair services can help you save money on replacements and repair and protect your loved ones.

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