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How Your Toilet’s Gurgling Is Linked to the Washer Draining

November 15, 2022 | Blog,Water Damage

How Your Toilet’s Gurgling Is Linked to the Washer Draining

This scenario may be familiar: You’re in the middle of doing your laundry, and you notice your toilet making a strange gurgling noise. Or you’ve just finished washing your clothes and hear your toilet gurgling as the washer drains.

What’s going on?

It turns out that this phenomenon can be explained in a fairly straightforward manner. When your toilet gurgles, it simply responds to the pressure changes from the washing machine draining water.

This article explains the various causes of toilet gurgling and how to stop it from happening.

You Have Partially or Totally Clogged Drains

The main drain of your washing machine is clogged, which is one of the easiest solutions for why your toilet is gurgling. The water channel is constrained or reduced when your washing machine drains, and there is a clog. 

As a result, air and water are forced back through your pipes in search of an exit. It’s your toilet in this instance.

You Have a Blocked Vent Pipe

Your vent pipe connects to the drain and sewer lines in your home. Your drains’ vent pipe enables gas and air to pass through them without interfering with water flow. 

Your plumbing system won’t work if your vent pipe is obstructed, and your toilet will gurgle.

Your Washing Machine’s Drain Was Installed Incorrectly

Your washing machine drain must have the proper size, length, and diameter to function properly. If the drain for your washing machine were put incorrectly, air wouldn’t ever get to the pipes, and your toilet will gurgle.

Your Drain Is Clogged

Your sewage line may be clogged if several fixtures in your home are gurgling. Your main sewer line is connected to every drain pipe in your home, including the ones from your washer and toilet. Waste, water, and air cannot exit your home if your sewage line is blocked. 

Air may flow reverse and gurgle in your toilet when using your washer machine.

Your Drains Are Linked

One of the primary causes of the gurgling sound that your toilet makes when it drains is that your washer drain is linked to it. This occurs more commonly. 

It’s possible that your washing machine was positioned between your toilet and sewer stack.

How to Stop These Toilet Gurgles

Knowing the cause of your toilet’s gurgling will help you prevent it in the future. Three of the top answers are listed below.

  • Use the Toilet Plunger

Your toilet should be plunged as your first action. It’s possible that a clog near the surface is the cause of your toilet’s gurgling.

  • Keep Your Roof Vent Stack Clean

Debris can fall into your roof vent stack if it isn’t screen-protected, preventing airflow. Getting a garden hose and climbing onto your roof is required for this stage. 

Call a reputable plumbing company if you don’t feel confident doing this.

  • Keep Your Main Sewer Line Clean

Hydro-jetting is one of the greatest pipe cleaning methods in addition to employing a sewer snake. With hydro-jetting, a self-propelled nozzle blasts water into your sewer pipes at a pressure of up to 4,000 PSI. 

Hydro-jetting uses various nozzles for different sorts of impediments, such as tree roots or mud. Because access to a cleanout or uninstalled toilet is all needed, the cleaning procedure is minimally invasive.

Restaurants frequently utilize hydro-jetting since it is a simple way to get rid of grease accumulation. Call a specialist and inquire about hydro-jetting if you want a strong, hygienic, and secure solution.


So don’t be alarmed the next time you hear your toilet gurgling. It’s just responding to the changes in pressure caused by the draining water from your washing machine. 

It’s simply happening because two appliances are connected to the same drain line. If you’re still having trouble, contact a plumber for assistance.

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